Template 1049 - Interior Design #13

Need a website for your business?  This CSS-Positioned (no tables) template was created just for you! Take a look inside at this one! Want a clean look for your site - you've got it! You can easily swap our images out for yours!

Stick To Your Plan

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Use with Dreamweaver CS3 or higher
Our templates use an external cascading style sheet (CSS)
Cross browser tested so you know your site appears just as you  developed it!
  Just add your own info!
You will need a graphics program in order to change the your business name. We will change
  "Your Business Here" within 30 days for no cost. Just email us!
This template has a two column layout and a one column layout.


Many times people want to choose their own images for their templates in order to achieve the perfect look for their business or personal site. This template uses a "sample" image from Big Stock Photo. You have three choices in deciding which image is best for your web.

  1. Purchase these images or another image from Big Stock Photo
  2. Choose another stock photography house to find the perfect pictures for your web.
  3. Supply your own images!

Once you've purchased your new images, we will size it to fit this template at no cost to you. The great thing about you choosing your own images is that you have a unique look for your web. You'll have a site that is customized for you, without paying the custom price! It also allows you to get a receipt from the image company giving you license to use the image you wish to use. It's a win-win situation!

Celebrate Success!

Keep your site clean and consistent! Visitors expect a professional site!
Keep your wording and images consistent
Make sure your navigation structure is easy to follow.
If your site becomes VERY large, you might want to use a site map or a table of contents!

Navigation? It's a snap...

image 1All you do is to open the includes page and add your links as you'd like them to appear. Include pages give you lots of control over where you want your navigation and which pages you'd like to appear. It's easier than you think!


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