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* The grade for "U1: Introduction to Programming: Are You Ready?" will not appear until you grade the last question. Only one question needs to be graded. Award 1-4 points depending on how well they demonstrate their ability to explain the problem and what is going on with respect to the logic/money in the problem.


* The grade for "U1: Introduction to Programming: Are You Ready?" MAY NOT BE properly categorized. I have no clue how this happened. Here is how you can fix it. 1) Turn editing on 2) Edit Settings for "U1: Introduction to Programming: Are You Ready?". 3) Expand Grade 4) Change Grade category from "Not categorized" to "Unit 1" 5) Save your work.


You may wish to use this blurb in the comments section for the grade for "U1: Introduction to Programming: Are You Ready?":

Please click the following link to view the analysis of your test score. http://www.carriereducation.com/downloads1/Other4SpecialAssgns/CPPTI_Book1_Times4.pdf (Your score on this test instrument will be stored in this Feedback column and your grade for a reasonable attempt will be updated to 100 as soon as I have time.)

The books and codes are in the GTCC bookstore as of 1-2-2018 10:07 am. See picture:



Starting Out with Python (3rd Edition), Tony Gaddis

Paperback: 614 pages

Publisher: Pearson; 3rd edition (2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0-13-386225-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-13-386225-6


Jennifer is the book representative:



For access to MyProgrammingLab from Pearson:



Link to the sign in page for MyProgrammingLab:



Companion Website:


The code in the front of your textbook will let you into student resources.

Also, if you have an instructor login to Pearson, you can use this login to gain access to the Companion Website.



Link to sign in Page for MobiusSLIP. Once there, scroll down to the bottom and click the link “For Educators”. This will take to the Instructors Guide which should answer all you questions.



For access to MobiusSLIP:

Nancy is support for MobiusSLIP. Use this email address: support@mobiusSLIP.com.


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