Take this 10 question Quiz

to find out if a Programming Degree is right for you.

(Note: This quiz does NOT count for or against your grade in the class.)

Take this simple quiz to discover if online classes are a good fit for you.

1. It's your mother's birthday! You...

a. Send an electronic card full of digital effects to her e-mail account.

b. Send her a paper card, because it's the personal touch that counts.

c. Forgot! "I can never keep my dates straight."

d. Send her a belated card, because she's your mother and she will forgive you.


2. At work, your boss gives you an assignment. You...

a. Tackle it with gusto, reading all the instructions and figuring things out with little to no assistance from others.

b. Embrace the new project, but rely on your co-workers to help you figure things out before you hand in your final report.

c. Act like you are working on the report until its due date, then pull a late shift to complete it.

d. Ask your boss dozens of questions about the assignment, then ask for an extension.


3. Oh no! The settings on your computer have changed thanks to your roommate's new software. You...

a. Reset the settings to your personal preferences and pick up where you left off.

b. Demand that your roommate fix your computer.

c. Get a new roommate and/or a new computer.

d. Assume that the settings will reset themselves eventually and don't worry about it.


4. You sign up for pogo stick lessons. You assume that...

a. You will need to buy a pogo stick to participate.

b. You will have to save money to buy a pogo stick, but wait until your pogo instructor tells you to buy one.

c. You'll be provided a pogo stick on the first day of class.

d. You can use someone else's pogo stick whenever you want.


5. It is tax time, and your accountant needs a copy of one of your receipts. You...

a. Know exactly where it is. You are able to pull it out quickly without much fuss.

b. Sort of know where it is. You may need some time to sort through some files.

c. Ignore the request. The accountant will eventually find what she needs on her own.

d. Freak out! That is not my problem. "You're the accountant. Figure it out!" .


6. Your supervisor requires you to learn a skill that takes five-six hours a week to study. You...

a. Break this task into manageable pieces by doing small bits of studying over several days a week.

b. Block out huge chunks of time to accomplish your task and schedule time at a local training center to focus on your new skills.

c. Wait for your supervisor to remind you to study and complete your coursework.

d. Bring your supervisor some flowers and tell him you'll learn it next month.


7. You are traveling in a new city. To get around, you...

a. Buy a map and navigate your way around by yourself.

b. Walk straight to the clerk at the bus counter to ask for directions.

c. Hop in a car to take you from attraction to attraction.

d. Wait for a friend to come show you around.


8. You receive the latest electronic gadget as a gift. You...

a. Immediately pull it out of the box, turn it on and try to figure out how it works.

b. Unfold and read the instructions before you unwrap the gadget.

c. Ask your 8-year-old cousin to teach you how to use it.

d. Call the product's helpdesk for assistance. Somebody there must know how to use it.


9. Your computer beeps at you while you type a letter. It must be...

a. Reminding you of the online meeting that you scheduled about the latest software.

b. Reacting to your click-happy ways. You are always touching buttons too many times.

c. Mistaken. "I wasn't doing anything wrong!"

d. Breaking down when you need it the most.


10. Your best friend gives you a great book to read. You...

a. Make time everyday so you can read it cover to cover.

b. Say thank you, return it for a DVD instead.

c. Use the book as a doorstop and send your friend a nice note.

d. Put the book on your bedside table, so you can read it after you go to sleep.


Adapted from the GTCC Website